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The highest quality and standard glass. Because aside from helping to protect the driver and passengers to be safe from accidents Still helps to preserve the car's value the best . Because of the replacement of a new windshield In case of damage May not have the same quality as the original glass from the factory T herefore protecting the original windshield To live longer than a pair of cars It is the most important thing that every car user should pay attention.

Bray is the best solution. Because it is a safety film to protect you from outside of the car. With the feature of helping to hold the windshield from the outside to prevent spreading and cracking when hitting rock fragments from small to large. Not to pass through to the driver's seat. Accepted by many world class car brands such as Ferrari Lamborghini and Pagani. Bray Group has found that more than 100% of the general windshield film in the market, just installing heat-resistant film Normal from the inside of the car When the accident occurs, the film can prevent spreading Of the glass fragments of only 5%, causing the driver to be fatal

Bray is made from a special laminate that is thick, tough and durable, preventing blows from hard and sharp materials. That may cause damage to the windshield, withstand the weather outside the car that is very hot, cold, humid, providing clear visibility, not distorting, easy to maintain.
  • Bray 2 Layers Windshield Skin
    Bray 2 Layers Windshield Skin 2 mil super thick shockproof film layer, 2 mil + 2mil, strength up to 6H, the film surface coated with Nano Ceramic Hard Coat
  • valid for 6 - 18 months
  • Guaranteed to prevent scratches up to 18 months.
    *Under the terms of the company
  • Bray 1 Layer Eco Skin
    Bray 1 Layer Eco Skin 4 mil extra thick protective film, strength up to 6H. The film is coated with crystalline substance Nano Premium Hard Coat.
  • Clear, clear, not disturbing the scenery, not reflecting light
  • Guaranteed to prevent scratches up to 18 months.
    *Under the terms of the company
Details Price
Windshield Skin 2 Layers 23,000
Eco Skin 1 Layer 15,000
Note: This price does not include VAT.