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ลำโพงติดรถยนต์ระดับไฮเอนด์อับดับ 1 จากญี่ปุ่น
ไม่ต้องเจาะ/รื้อ/ตัดต่อสายไฟ แค่ Plug & Play

Innovative Masterpiece speaker set For leading luxury cars Developed by Sonic Design in Japan. Which has been trusted by luxury automotive companies around the world as a speaker set for VIP upgrade customers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi. Available in more than 3,000 leading car showrooms throughout Japan and over 20,000 locations worldwide and today being distributed for sale in Thailand for the first time.

Sonic Enclosure System Plus Aluminum Die-Cast

Turn off all distractions, all 360º
Turn all sounds from the source to 100.

  1. Close the leak of every molecule that emanates from the door panel
    Can go outside 100%
  2. Get clear, high quality sound with zero noise and vibration.
  3. Increase the strength and durability of the speaker structure 360º

Sonic Micro Speaker

Collecting every detail of the voice clearly hear every sound even when the needle falls

The Sonic Design speaker set has been developed to provide high-end sound quality. With Micro Sonic Speaker technology that shortens the speaker to only 52 mm and 77 mm smaller than conventional speakers by 16 cm by adding a special magnetic circuit board that is highly effective and durable with cooling technology and a Diaphragm Stroke layer that helps capture every detail. The sound dimension is wider and 50% finer than conventional speakers.

Sonic Aramid Cross Micro Fiber Cafla

Softness and durable with premium materials

The Sonic Design speaker set has been developed to help convey the clear sound dimension from the source sound to the audiences clearly and smoothly. No disturbance with premium grade material Aramid Cross Micro - Fiber Cafla, the same material as armor production Which provides 100 times greater durability than conventional paper speakers by cross-stitching each other finely and densely, without any gaps. Helps the sound to be smooth Melodious, like any speaker set has ever been done before.

Hi-End PLUG & PLAY Sound System

No need to drill / dismantle / disconnect the power cable
Easy to install with Plug & Play

The Sonic design speakers are designed to fit the original speaker structure of each car. Specifically makes it easy to remove and install within hours. No need to drill, dismantle, modify, or edit any electrical systems in the car. Easy, fast, just replace the old speakers and replace with the Sonic Design speakers in the same position as Plug & Play. You can enjoy good high-end sound quality. Most immediately Without any effect on your car warranty With a 3 year long quality guarantee.
Sonic Design & General Speakers
Sonic Design Speaker
  1. Easy to install, plug & play, no need to drill, dismantle, cut, connect the car's power cord, not damage, not reduce car value No effect on car insurance Takes no more than 2 hours to install.
  2. No vibration with the back cover closed system Sound Enclosure does not leak outside the car.
  3. 77 mm Micro Speaker, material made from Aramid Cross Micro Fiber Cafla.
  4. The structure of the front and back of the speaker is Aluminum Die-Cast with special resin sealed.
General speaker
  1. Requires technicians skilled in the demolition, drilling and cutting of electrical systems May cause damage to the car, reduce car value And affects the car insurance Takes more than half a day to install.
  2. It is a bare-type rear speaker. There is sound leaking outside the car. Because the door frame is used as the speaker frame.
  3. Speaker size 4-6 inches, material made of "paper".
  4. The structure of the front and back of the speaker is "plastic".
The Exclusive Speaker
Design Fit For 6 Leader Vehicle Models
Designed exclusively for
Designed exclusively for
Designed exclusively for
Designed exclusively for
Designed exclusively for
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