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Tribos is innovative car protection coating Researched and created From testing under the worst conditions around the world In the ocean, oceans, deserts, rainforests, and harsh chemical contaminated areas for durable car coating products. And the most shiny, able to cope with all conditions perfectly.
  • The world's first innovation in yacht boat coating Jet plane and super cars To shine performance to your car to be beautiful, juicy, long lasting in all conditions
  • Protect the car surface from sunlight and UV rays which cause to fade car paint. Add innovative NANO Hydrophobic to prevent the adhesion of water stains and dirt. Easy to clean. Just wash with clean water.
  • 2 formulas for protecting products to choose from are Tribos Nano Ceramic, formulated with Nano Solid Coating by creating a coating layer. Complex high performance ceramic that is transparent, smooth and durable, and Tribos Nano Polymer, formulated with Nano Flexible Coating, by creating a polymer fiber layer Special transparent type But flexible and consistent Reinforced with titanium layer + aluminum + silicone Make the car beautiful and shiny since the first use.
  • Complete 360 ​​degree protection formula, including car paint, glass, alloy wheels and carpet upholstery.
Tribos Complete Pack Protection
Complete 360 ​​degree protection formula, including car paint, glass, alloy wheels and carpet upholstery.

Paint Coating

Prevent car paint to be shiny, lasting, all problems, water stains, bird droppings, wood, and more. Easy to clean, just wash with clean water.

Glass Protection

Prevents water droplets, water stains and dirt from adhering to the glass. Increase visibility during the rain. Preserving and not stopping the wiper blade General glass coating.

Alloy Coating

Protect alloy wheels from dirt. Metal stains from brake powders, water stains and more, always keep the wheels beautiful and shiny.

Fabric Coating

Protects and preserves the interior of the fabric, such as carpet, upholstery, helps to increase surface tension. Prevent water penetration Extend the life of the seat in the car to not fade or become worn down.

Size S : March / Brio / Vios / Yaris / Fiasta / Mazda2 / Jazz
Size M : Altis / Civic / Mazda3 / Cruze / Lancer / Focus / Almera / Beetle
Size L : Captiva / CRV / Stepwagon / Trail Blazer / Fortuner / Pajero / Sabaru XV
Size XL : Porsche Cayenne / Prado / Ferrari / Lamboghini / Alphard / H1 / BMW / Mercedes-Benz
Comparing Tribos innovations and general glass coatings.
  1. Tested from real bad conditions around the world.
  2. Accepted from users of yachts, airplanes, supercars around the world.
  3. Thick coating layer prevents the adhesion of dirt for a long time.
  4. Easy to clean Just use clean water to wash.
  5. Coating new or used cars Shine clearly from the first time.
General glass coating
  1. No real test evidence
  2. Car users believe in without any proof of quality in the long run.
  3. Thin coating layer Prevent dirt for only a short time.
  4. Must use a special cleaning solution.
  5. The new car coating is clear and shiny, but the used car is not as shiny as it should be.