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Quality inspection of automotive film installation from Lamina films

Suggestions on the quality of installed automotive film inspection from Lamina Films after the installation

Some of you may have wondered after the automotive film installation on how to inspect the installed film?
Lamina film, as an expert in all types of optical tinted for automotive, building, safety and decorative film, therefore have recommendations in the inspection approaches as follows.

Quality inspection of automotive film installation
  • The inspection could be done immediately after installation. However, water stains, blemishes, blurry or distorted images during the first 1-4 weeks are not considered abnormal as in the period that the film is not completely dry the inspection steps are as follows.
  • Look through the installed film from the inside to the outside view with a straight angle in natural light,
  • It is not recommended to gaze or stare at through the installed area at a distance of 5 cm. from the edge, there may be a little bit of dust. Next to a distance of 5 cm from the edge is acceptable. If the following marks are not visibly appeared
  • dust, insects, fiber, hair, fingerprints, film edges, air bubbles, broken marks, scratches, and tear marks                
  • L80BL Special, L75 Special, L65 Special, L40 Digital Ceramatrix, L30 Digital Ceramatrix, L15 Digital Ceramatrix and L05 Digital Ceramatrix are the models that could be installed with the front windshield without interrupting the operation system or resulting in decreased GPS and Easy Pass system performance in any way.

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1. International Window Film Association Flat Glass Education Guide
2. AIMCAL Energy Management Program Window Film Training Guide
3. Lamina Films Manufacturer
4. Techno-sell (Frey) Co., Ltd., solely importer and distributor of "Lamina" automotive solar protection film filters in Thailand

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