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ฟิล์มใสปกป้องสีรถ อันดับ 1 นวัตกรรม Self-Headling
รอยเฉี่ยว เศษหิน มูลนก ซากแมลง ยางไม้ ไม่ระคายผิวรถ

LLumar Paint Protection Films - Break the rules of the car paint protection film that has existed in Thailand to the ultimate luxury from CPFilms Inc, a film filter specialist. And the world's highest quality car paint protection film from usa. With over 60 years of experience ISO 9001 standard that leading car manufacturers around the world recommend to install.
  • Advanced Self-Healing Innovation Increase the level of advanced protection with repair efficiency. Scratches caused by the automatic film When exposed to heat from sunlight Or from the engine bonnet, which has never had any film done before.
  • Advanced Nano Hydrogard™ for Hydrophobic Performance with a special film coating Add dimension to smoothness up to 2 times, preventing the adhesion of water stains or all kinds of dirt Helps to take care of cleaning easily, just wash with clean water to make your car shiny and beautiful.
  • World Class Test from Weathering: Xenon 2500h & QUV 2500h LLumar PPF Platinum has passed durability tests in accordance with ASTM G153, SAEJ 1960, ASTM G155. The film is clear and up to 8 Mil. (200 microns). Highly flexible, strong, protects the car's surface. From scratches, gravel, sand, bird droppings, asphalt, carcasses, wood, acid, alkali, water stains, oil stains and various chemicals such as Isopropyl Alcohol / Heptane / Hexane / Toluene.
  • A.I Machine Cutting Automatic film cutting using advanced computer systems To fit each car model Both glossy and matte films can be installed around the car. Or specific sections.
  • LLumar PPF Platinum and LLumar PPF Elite Guaranteed for 3-5 years * The longest in Thailand
    * Under specified conditions