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ที่ทั่วโลกเชื่อมั่น Foot/Kit/Bar/Cargo/Bike Carrier
/Water Spart Carrier/Bag & Accessories

If you are a person who likes to travel Like sports and outdoor activities Search for new experiences These activities You need to look for good luggage equipment for your car when traveling. Which should be equipment that meets high safety standards And able to meet your needs Importantly, it should be a brand that has been accepted by car users all over the world.

THULE was first born in 1942 in Sweden. High quality luggage manufacturers That has been accepted by car users Millions of people around the world Meet all types of cars, sedans, sports cars, MPVs, SUVs and 4 wheelers (4 WHEELS) with more than 15,000 products under 3 main concepts.


Safe and tested by the SP technical research institute of Sweden and certified by TÜV Rheinland,

EASY Installalation

Customers can install the product themselves (DIY). Can use the equipment that comes with the product. To help with the installation easily


Designed to fit the needs and use. In addition, the design is beautiful and modern according to AERO DYNAMIC.

Which is divided into 5 main product groups
  1. asic Set
  1. Cargo
  1. Bike Carrier
  1. Water Sport Carrier
  1. Accessories
We are appointed as a distributor Officially from Thule, Sweden, responsible for sales, marketing and distribution solely in Thailand. More over, all THULE products purchased from Techno-sell will receive perfect after-sales service Like buying directly from the main company in Sweden, such as product warranty. In case of problems caused by the product It covers responsibilities from claiming, repairing, changing to new products, until arranging products to replace quickly and conveniently. These benefits Only for customers who specifically buy THULE products from Techno-sell (Frey) Company Limited.